Choosing the best wrist support

by Andrew Atkinson on July 31, 2020
With the wrist being one of the most commonly used joints in the body, second only to the ankle, it makes sense to take care of how it works and to support it at the earliest signs of a potential injury or strain.

Wrist supports provide essential aid in giving the wrist joint that extra help to aid mobility and free up normal movement.

This is especially important if you are into any kind of sport where the wrist plays an important part, such as tennis, where even a slight impairment to normal movement and stress tolerance on the joint can be detrimental to overall performance.

With the right wrist support, movement can be regained and less pain experienced, enabling a greater range of movement of the joint and less strain on surrounding muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Choosing the right wrist support for your individual needs comes down to a matter of choice and the evaluation of the individual product features and benefits, which can have a bearing on the actual support you choose and the level of graded support required.

Medical advice should always be sought for any injury that causes concern, or that has associated swelling, pain or inflammation, or severe restriction of movement, or even numbness.

These symptoms could indicate a more serious injury to the bones in the wrist, or to the surrounding tissues, including a restriction in blood supply that can be serious, so good early advice should be taken before then applying a wrist support to the affected area.

One of the most popular products on the market for secure wrist support, and used by many professional sports people in their recovery from injuries, is the Vulkan Classic Wrist Strap.

This wrist strap has a very comfortable fit, yet offers a very good level of support to the wrist and forearm, helping the area to heal, while allowing a good range of movement and reducing the risk of further injury.

This support allows for light compression, support and therapeutic heat retention to help relieve symptoms of strains, and other wrist injuries.

The Neo G Airflow Wrist and Thumb Support is another innovatively designed product that is both lightweight and flexible, yet giving a high degree of support to the wrist area. This wrist support is constructed from lightweight fabric and is excellent for wicking away moisture during intense activities, whilst also providing mild support.

For flexible support you can adjust for the right personal fit, the Tubular Support Bandage is a good option as it allows for the positioning and area of support to be adjusted to personal taste and certain areas to have a double layer to further enhance the pressure that is supporting the wrist joint.

The Vulkan Airxtend Wrist Support is another example of the kind of lightweight innovation coming on to the market. Neoprene helps to retain heat at the site of a wrist injury, accelerating the healing process by increasing blood flow and oxygen to damaged tissues.

This product is both effective and with a comfortable and cool adjustable fit, so a good option if you’re recuperating, but need that additional reassurance to continue with your sport.

Wrist strains can sometimes extend to the hands themselves and especially if you suffer from mild arthritis, as many people do when over the age of 50. An aid that can really help in this area by providing both warmth and support, as well as aiding in healthy circulation while enhancing grip, is the Hand Compression Arthritis Glove.

This glove fits the hand and wrist perfectly and through its graded compression, aids in relieving discomfort from stiff and aching joints, while stimulating circulation and increased dexterity.

The good news is that a wrist injury these days doesn’t have to mean a long layoff from your sport, or from your normal daily activities that mean using your wrists.

With the right therapeutic support products to help you recuperate, you’ll find that recovery times are reduced and you have the benefit of being able to actually use the joint while you rebuild your strength and confidence.

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