Getting through aches, pains and strains, what is available to help?

by Andrew Atkinson on July 31, 2020

Just when you are celebrating life, and thinking how it’s so nice that your body feels good and there is no pain you have to give attention to, it happens! That being the familiar feeling of a pulled muscle, an aching calf, or any of the other irritations that are the bi-product of our otherwise active lifestyle.

We all suffer the occasional knock or strain, but very few of us look to prevent these in the first place, or even look for help to recuperate after. Most of us actually put up with it until it goes away. Of course, there is a whole industry built around pain relief and pharmaceutical solutions, but sometimes it can go beyond a little topical application of painkilling cream, something else is needed.

So if you are an active person, what can help to keep you that way, what are a few of the products out there that can prevent niggling injuries, or get us back to our full fitness and range of movement as soon as possible?

One increasingly popular solution is the tape you see athletes wearing on shoulders, back and legs. This tape is known as Kinesiology Tape. The idea behind it is to give support to the muscles and ligaments in the repetitive areas of movement that are under the most stress as we exercise.

This tape can be a useful preventative measure and help to give a little extra support to the vulnerable muscle groups. You don’t have to be a top athlete, runner or Premiership footballer to use it, indeed many people use it as an extra safeguard even for activities such as walking, running or just pottering around the garden.

If things are a little more serious, say for an ankle, knee or wrist strain, it is always a good idea, if in any doubt, to get it looked at in the first instance by the local A&E, or GP, but if confirmed as a regular soft tissue injury then there are many types of supports that can give strength and support to individual areas of the body, fully adjustable for individual comfort.

Aids to Daily living can be a good idea if you are less mobile, or even fully fit but just don’t like straining on things! these products include thousands of ideas, from ergonomic tools, to easy grip can openers, long handled tools, cleaning accessories and many more.

These aids are designed to prevent the small yet inconvenient strains, cuts and other injuries from having to push, pull or move in a way that uses otherwise dormant muscles. Living Aids go a long way to prevent many common aches and pains and greatly reduce the need for frequent visits to the GP or local hospital.

If walking is difficult, then there are many options available, such as electric chairs, beds, Mobility Scooters or Stair lifts. These products can make life a lot easier for the user and avoid existing mobility conditions worsening through over-exertion.

Although some products would involve a higher cost, it is well worth looking into options and alternatives as there are some very good deals on the market and there are many reconditioned or refurbished units that carry guarantees and are very good value.

We all rightly want to feel like we did in our thirties, and with the help of some of the many products available, it is possible to enjoy many of the same activities in comfort and safety. Aches, pains and strains can be an unwanted distraction, but with a little research and smart buying. The answers are out there.