What to Do When You’ve Overdone It at the Gym

by Andrew Atkinson on July 31, 2020

As hard as it can sometimes be to get motivated to go, it’s surprisingly easy to work too hard at the gym. You might not notice the signs until you’re back in your own home, sitting on the sofa, struggling with aches and pains. Alternatively, you may suddenly feel the pain as you’re part-way through your exercise.

What kinds of injuries happen at the gym?

Treadmill injuries are amongst the most common at the gym. This doesn’t just cover incidences where people fall off, but also where people are running for too long to meet a personal target, or when they try to run too fast.

Other issues typically involve bad posture – using a machine at the wrong angle, or lifting weights whilst bending the back.

More and more common are injuries caused by distraction, when people are trying to use gadgets and technologies whilst working out.

What’s the next step?

If you’ve arrived home with an injury, then it’s time to rest up!

It helps to already have a stock of basic pain relief products that you can call upon in these situations – items like natural pain relief gels and hot and cold packs don’t cost a lot, but are very handy to have in your bathroom cabinet.

Don’t try to work through the pain by getting back to the gym. You need to stay off until you’ve made a full recovery, and in more extreme cases might need to arrange a sports massage or physiotherapy session. In fact, these are great for prevention as well as cure, and so if you’re regularly training hard at the gym then you might want to make them a regular thing.

How long will recovery take?

Each and every gym injury is different. Some might feel better in just a few days, whilst others are managing their sports injury for weeks, or even months. The important thing is not to stop resting too early – the pain and outward sign of your injury might stop long before you’re fully healed, so make sure that you’re not leaping straight back to the treadmill. Exercising again too soon after an injury can cause a reoccurrence – give your muscles time to properly repair themselves, before putting them through their paces again.

Sports injuries are common, so it’s absolutely fine to feel that you’d like to visit a professional for advice about your injury. That way, you might also get a referral if your condition warrants it.

In a majority of cases, with proper time for rest and recovery, long soaks in the bath and gentle massages, or the right supportive equipment, people that are injured at the gym are soon back to their full workout regime.

If you’re not ready to throw yourself back into your usual challenging fitness schedule, then build back up slowly. Particularly if you’ve been resting for a week or two, your body will need you to be gentle until you’re back to your usual form.

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