Used as either a preventative treatment, or for the fast application after muscle strain or injury, cold sprays and gels give instantaneous relief when topically applied to the affected area. The inflammation reducing effect speeds up recovery time and calms down the painful after-effects after the occurrence of an injury. Therefore, cold sprays and gels are often the go-to for professional sports therapists while looking after players on the field, but are equally appropriate and useful for home, or use in other professional capacities.

                Cold Sprays & Gels

                New Biofreeze Multi Pack Display Box Containing (12 x 28g / 30ml Gel)


                Biofreeze Sachets Dispensing Unit Contains 100 x 5ml Individual Packets


                New Biofreeze On The Go Single Gel Sachets - Handy Carry Packs for Every Gym Bag


                Biofreeze Pain Reliever Roll-on - Relieves Muscle, Joint, Arthritis, Back Pain, Perfect for Sore Muscles


                Biofreeze Pain Relief Spray - For Muscle Pain, Back Aches and Arthritis


                New Biofreeze Spray Pump 104g/118ml - Fast Acting Pain Relief For Muscle Strains and Pains


                Biofreeze gel Pump 448g/473ml - Large Pack of Muscle Pain Reliever


                Biofreeze Gel - Fights Against Muscle Pain, Soreness and Aching Joints


                Biofreeze Gel - Instant Relief Against Muscle Pain, Soreness and Aching Joints

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