Inflammation can occur quickly after strain or injury, accompanied by intense pain and discomfort in the affected area and surrounding tissues. Ice packs and wraps can help as part of the first-aid procedure when applied shortly after the injury, bringing instant relief and a reduction in the pain response. Our ice packs and wraps have been developed by professionals and medical experts to ensure both efficacy and reliability in professional sports and for home use.

                Ice Packs & Wraps

                Therapearl Neck Wrap - Hot and Cold Neck Pain Relief, Compression


                Therapearl Hot & Cold Shin Wrap - Perfect for Soothing Shin Splints. Strains and Lower Leg Pain


                TheraPearl Compress for the Knee - Hot and Cold Therapy


                Therapearl Face Mask - Hot or Cold Reusable Face Mask


                Therapearl Hot & Cold Sports Pack with Strap - Perfect Compression Aid With Handy Strap


                TheraPearl Back Wrap, Hot and Cold Pain Relief, Multi Purpose Compression Aid for All Sports Injury and Back Pain


                TheraPearl Ankle or Wrist Wrap, Reusable Hot & Cold Therapy Pack


                Therapearl Hot & Cold Sports Pack - Perfect For First Aid Bags


                Therapearl Eye Mask, Reusable Hot & Cold Eye Pack


                Therapearl Pal - Kids Hot & Cold Animal Compress for Injuries, Bumps & Bruises

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